Futbol-Strong 2026 Sports Visor

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2026 Futbol Strong Sports Visor

【Flex Ur Strong】Polyester fabric is preferred, absorbing heat and protecting from the sun. Cool sweat-absorbent band, moisture-absorbent and breathable, which can effectively prevent sweat beads from sliding off. Hollow top design, breathable and not stuffy, does not affect hairstyle. There is a rubber buckle adjustment strap on the back of the hat, which is simple and convenient to adjust. You can adjust the size to suit your needs. Widen and enlarge the brim, which can effectively block ultraviolet rays. The curved eaves design not only does not block the line of sight but also can modify the face shape, making it fashionable and versatile.

【Applicable-Unisex】Both men and women.
【Sizes】Hat brim length: 2.8 inches, hat circumference: 22.83 inches(adjustable).
【Cleaning】It is recommended to wash by hand.

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